Power of the Seed

Dear Royal,

Your Results are determined by what you do with your seed.

 -Gregory Dickhow 

 In life we look at our future and we picture certain things we want to be accomplished, and dream about obtaining these goals. Focus on the seed and do the necessary things for the seed to grow and it will develop from a dream to reality. Spend your time doing the work, making responsible choices and you will see great results. 

In life you either succeed or you learn a lesson, there is no failure until you give up. Even giving up can teach you something because one day you will start again and you’ll learn that purpose awaits patiently and the sooner you start to work towards your goal the better.

If you have no idea how to get started, align yourself with people that you can learn something from. Serve others who are near or where you want to be and obtain knowledge of the little things. Don’t be too proud to serve; you will be amazed at the things you will gain. Be as patient with the learning process as your purpose is being with you. Don’t be afraid the seed needs to be planted!

Your Purpose
                  Be You• Be True • Be Royal 


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